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Itarsi Jn Railway Time Table, Itarsi Jn Railway Station Code, Enquiry

Please find Route Map of trains to Itarsi Jn along with Itarsi Jn station location map. This list below presents trains that pass through Itarsi Jn station. Click on any train to know more about it like its route, starting point. When it will reach Itarsi Jn and when it will depart from Itarsi Jn Railway Station, Day of arrival and departure. Hope this makes your travel easier.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Itarsi Jn Station : 244
Train CodeTrain NameArriavalDepartureStop timeDays of run
09715Jaipur Solapur (Weekly) Special05:0005:1010 minTue
09716Solapur - Jaipur Special02:4002:5010 minThu
05649Mumbai LTT - Kamakhya (Weekly) Special06:1006:2010 minTue
09735Secunderabad-Jaipur Special16:0516:105 minTue
09736Jaipur - Secunderabad (Weekly) Special12:0512:1510 minSun
04011Sainagar Shirdi - H. Nizamuddin (Weekly) Special21:1521:2510 minSun
04012H. Nizamuddin - Sainagar Shirdi (Weekly) Special13:2013:3010 minSat
05650Kamakhya - Mumbai LTT (Weekly) Special07:5008:1020 minFri
07106Hyderabad-Ajmer Weekly Special18:2018:3010 minSat
07105Ajmer - Hyderabad Special17:0017:1010 minMon
51157Bhusaval Itarsi Passenger05:55DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51158Itarsi Bhusaval PassengerSource19:20Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51187Bhusaval Katni Passenger17:3018:0030 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51188Katni Bhusaval Passenger06:2006:4525 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51189Itarsi Allahabad PassengerSource08:30Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51190Allahabad Itarsi Passenger15:30DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51671Itarsi Katni PassengerSource05:45Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51672Katni Itarsi Fast Passenger21:05DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51673Itarsi Satna PassengerSource04:00Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51674Satna Itarsi Passenger23:15DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51827Itarsi Jhansi PassengerSource18:15Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51828Jhansi Itarsi Passenger11:20DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51829Nagpur Itarsi Passenger17:45DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
51830Itarsi Nagpur PassengerSource12:00Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12062Jabalpur-HabibGanj Bhopal Jan Shatabdi09:3509:4510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12647Kongu Express01:4501:5510 minMon
11046Deekshabhoomi Express10:3510:5520 minTue
11055Godaan Express22:2022:3010 minMon Tue Thu Sat
12976Jaipur-Mysore SF Express09:2009:255 minTue Thu
01102Gwalior Mumbai LTT (Weekly) Special23:4523:5510 minWed
11093Mahanagari Express12:3012:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16094Lucknow Chennai Express05:1005:3020 minTue Fri
19047Surat-Bhagalpur Express20:3020:4010 minWed Sun
15647Mumbai LTT-Guwahati Express20:0020:1010 minSat
16031Andaman Express08:0508:105 minMon Thu Fri
12741Vasco Patna Express19:1519:3015 minThu
14010Patalkot Express02:4002:5010 minTue Thu
15018Gorakhpur - LTT (Kashi) Express04:2004:3515 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15018-SlipGorakhpur -Kolhapur SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12321Howrah-Mumbai Mail22:1522:2510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12591Gorakhpur-Bangalore Express23:0523:1510 minSun
11078Jhelum Express00:0100:054 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12138Punjab Mail18:4518:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12322Mumbai-Howrah Mail09:3009:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12715Sachkhand SF Express23:2023:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12167Dadar Varanasi Superfast Express13:0513:1510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12406H.Nizamuddin-Bhusaval Gondwana Express04:0504:105 minMon Sat
12626Kerala Express23:2523:3510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
04116Mumbai LTT-Allahabad Special06:1006:2010 minFri
16787Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi Express07:3507:405 minTue Sat
12191Shridham Express03:1003:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12584Puri-Valsad Weekly SF Express04:5505:1015 minMon
11033Gyan Ganga Express05:1005:2010 minThu
12577Bagmati SF weekly Express12:5513:1520 minWed
22111Bhusaval Nagpur (Triweekly) Express10:5011:1525 minMon Thu Sat
11472Jabalpur-Indore Express03:2003:4020 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16032Andaman Express05:1005:3020 minWed Sat Sun
12162Lashkar Express10:0010:055 minSun
18233Narmada Express02:1002:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11062Pawan Express13:5514:0510 minMon Tue Thu Sat
12405Gondwana Express17:5518:005 minMon Wed
11069Tulsi Express17:0017:1010 minMon Wed
12616GrandTrunk Express07:2007:3515 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12541Gorakhpur-Mumbai LTT SF Express15:2515:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12521Raptisagar Express23:0523:1510 minTue
18474Jodhpur-Puri Express09:2009:255 minSun
12669Ganga Kaveri Express16:4517:1025 minTue Sun
14020Delhi SR Chhindwara Kanhan Valley Express02:4002:5010 minMon Fri
18610Mumbai LTT - Ranchi (Weekly) Express05:1005:2010 minSun
12295Sangamitra Express14:3514:4510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11016Kushinagar Express14:0014:1010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12923Indore Nagpur Express03:2003:3010 minWed
15024Yeshvantapur Gorakhpur Express06:0006:1515 minFri
12670Ganga Kaveri Express14:3014:5020 minTue Thu
11072Kamayani Express09:3509:4510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12854Amarkantak Express17:3017:4515 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12522Raptisagar Express22:2522:305 minSat
11059Godaan Express22:2022:3010 minWed Fri Sun
12564Faizabad-Mumbai LTT SF Express16:5017:1020 minWed
12946Tapti Ganga Express06:3506:5015 minMon Wed Thu Sat Sun
11067Saket Express17:0017:1010 minThu Sun
11067-SlipSaket Express SlipSourceDestinationThu Sun
12546Karmabhumi Express23:1023:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12970Jaipur-Coimbatore Express09:2009:255 minWed
12390Chennai Gaya Express06:0006:1515 minWed
21068Rai Bareli-Mumbai LTT Saket Express07:5008:0515 minMon Fri
12563Mumbai LTT - Faizabad SF Express01:2001:3010 minTue
11271Vindhyachal ExpressSource16:20Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12861Link Superfast Express14:4514:5510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11038Gorakhpur-Pune Express12:5513:0510 minSun
12529Bhopal-Jabalpur Intercity Express07:0507:1510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12641Thirukkural Express06:3506:405 minThu
15023Gorakhpur-Yesvantpur Express05:1005:3020 minWed
11094Mahanagari Express01:2001:3010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12646Millennium Express19:0019:1010 minWed
15645Mumbai LTT-Guwahati(Biweekly)Express(via Katihar)20:0020:1010 minThu Sun
16688Navyug Express03:3503:4510 minFri
16688-SlipNavyug Express SlipSourceDestinationFri
12622Tamil Nadu Express09:5009:533 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12719Ajmer Hyderabad Superfast Express08:1508:205 minThu Sat
12792Patna Secunderabad Superfast Express06:5007:1020 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14259Rameswaram-Varanasi Weekly Express13:4013:5010 minThu
13201Patna RajendraNagar-Mumbai LTT Express20:3520:4510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12188Mumbai-Jabalpur Garib Rath Express02:0002:1010 minWed Sun
16687Navyug Express07:3507:405 minTue
12061HabibGanj Bhopal-Jabalpur Jan Shatabdi19:1019:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12944Kanpur-Valsad Udyogkarmi Express18:2518:305 minSat
19048Bhagalpur Surat Express06:3506:5015 minTue Fri
12154Habibganj LTT Superfast Express19:5520:005 minSat
12486Sriganganagar Nanded Express12:4012:5010 minSat
12722Dakshin SF Express12:2012:3010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12722-SlipDakshin Link SF ExpressSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12583Valsad-Puri SF Express10:0010:3030 minFri
15646Guwahati - Lokmanya Tilak T Express07:1007:2515 minMon Thu
14009Patalkot Express14:5515:1015 minWed Fri
11066Pawan Express13:5514:0510 minWed Fri Sun
11058Amritsar Dadar Express13:2013:3010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12165Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Varanasi Express17:0017:1010 minTue Fri Sat
12336Mumbai LTT - Bhagalpur SF Express20:0020:1010 minMon Wed Fri
12779Goa SF Express17:4017:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14313Mumbai LTT Bareilly Express20:0020:055 minTue
12530Jabalpur-Bhopal Intercity19:5020:0515 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12618Mangala Lakshadweep Express21:4521:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59385Panchvalley Fast Passenger20:4020:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12542Mumbai LTT-Gorakhpur SF Express23:3523:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12187Jabalpur-CST Garib Rath Express23:3523:5015 minTue Sat
12192Jabalpur-New Delhi Superfast Express21:5522:1520 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12804Swarna Jayanti Express19:0019:1010 minMon Thu
12512Rapti Sagar Expres22:2522:305 minMon Wed Thu
12409Gondwana Express17:5518:005 minTue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11070Tulsi Express08:0008:055 minTue Thu
12147Kolhapur-Nizamuddin Express04:5005:0010 minWed
14314Bareilly - Mumbai LTT. (Weekly) Express06:5007:0010 minSun
12645Millennium Expres04:5005:0010 minSun
22403Puducherry-New Delhi SF Express13:0513:105 minThu
22112Nagpur-Bhusaval SF Express12:4513:0520 minTue Fri Sun
12924Indore Express00:1500:183 minThu
12968Jaipur-Chennai SF Express09:2009:255 minMon Sat
16326Ahilyanagari Express22:2522:305 minSun
12945Tapti Ganga Express20:3020:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat
16359Ernakulam-Patna Weekly Express13:4013:5010 minSun
11015Kushinagar Express11:5012:0010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15101Chhapra-Mumbai Jansadharan Express18:2518:305 minWed
11034Gyan Ganga Express18:0018:1010 minSat
18234Narmada Express01:5002:0010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12410Gondwana Express04:0504:105 minTue Thu Fri Sun
11060Godan Express03:4003:5010 minTue Fri Sun
12975Mysore-Jaipur SF Express16:0516:105 minFri Sun
22131Gyan Ganga SF Express05:1005:2010 minTue
59386Panchvalley Passenger05:4005:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59386-SlipPanchvalley Passenger Slip1SourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59386-Slip2Panchvalley Passenger Slip2SourceDestinationMon Tue Fri Sat
09051Valsad-Varanasi Weekly Special09:1009:3020 minSat
11272Vindhyachal Express12:20DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15648Guwahati-Mumbai LTT Express07:1007:2515 minWed
12716Sachkhand SF Express01:5002:0010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
13202Mumbai LTT-Patna RajendraNagar Express11:3011:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12540Lucknow-Yesvantpur Weekly SF Express11:5512:1520 minSat
12807Samata Express03:4503:5510 minMon Wed Thu Fri Sun
22132Gyan Ganga SF Express18:0018:1010 minThu
16317Himsagar Express07:3507:405 minSat
18473Puri-Jodhpur Express16:0516:105 minThu
18238Chhattisgarh Express21:1521:2510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18238-SlipChhattisgarh Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12943Valsad-Kanpur Udyogkarmi Express08:5009:0010 minThu
12361Asansol - Mumbai CST (Weekly) SF Express18:0018:1010 minMon
11037Pune-Gorakhpur Express05:1005:2010 minFri
12781Mysore-Nizamuddin Swarna Jayanti Express04:5005:0010 minSat
12625Kerala Express01:1501:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12642Thirukkural Superfast Express19:0019:1010 minSun
17609Patna - Purna Express14:4015:0020 minMon
11077Jhelum Express07:1507:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16093Chennai Lucknow Express08:0508:105 minWed Sun
11045Deekshabhoomi Express13:4013:5010 minFri
12592Bangalore-Gorakhpur Express22:2522:305 minTue
12533Pushpak Express07:4507:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15015Gorakhpur Yesvantpur Express23:4523:5510 minTue
12780Goa SuperFast Express02:5002:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12780-SlipH.Nizamuddin Hubli Goa Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12644Swarna Jayanti Express19:0019:1010 minSat
12160Jabalpur - Amravati Express01:0501:4035 minMon Wed Sat
12808Samata Express21:0021:1010 minTue Fri Sat Sun
12578Bagmati Weekly SF Express16:5517:2025 minSun
04115Allahabad - Mumbai LTT (Weekly) Special00:3000:5020 minThu
16360Patna-Ernakulam Weekly Express10:3510:5520 minWed
12362Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus-Asansol Express23:1023:2010 minThu
12148Nizamuddin-Kolhapur Express19:0019:1010 minFri
12335Bhagalpur-MumbaiLTT Express07:1007:2515 minMon Wed Sat
14260Varanasi-Rameshwaram Express10:3510:5520 minMon
18237Chhattisgarh Express04:3004:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12803Visakhapatnam-Nizamuddin SwarnaJayanthi Express04:5004:555 minTue Sat
11061Pawan Express00:1000:2515 minTue Thu Sat Sun
11071Kamayani Express00:2000:3010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12389Gaya Chennai Express20:5021:1020 minMon
12137Punjab Mail07:4007:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12617Mangala Lakshadweep Express01:0001:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12615Grand Trunk (GT) Express17:2517:3510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15017Kashi Express21:1021:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18609Ranchi-Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminal Express23:3523:5015 minThu
12628Karnataka Express08:3008:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11463Somnath-Jabalpur Express10:3510:5015 minMon Wed Thu Fri Sat
12104Lucknow Jn - Pune Express18:2518:305 minMon
12648Kongu Express21:0021:1010 minThu
12791Secunderabad-Patna SF Express00:2500:4520 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12590Secunderabad - Gorakhpur Express22:2522:3510 minSat
11056Godaan Express03:4003:5010 minMon Wed Thu Sat
12161Lashkar Superfast Express03:4003:455 minSat
15016Yesvantpur-Gorakhpur Express16:4516:5510 minFri
12511Rapti Sagar Express23:0523:1510 minMon Fri Sat
12153Lokmanya Tilak (T) Habibganj Express03:4003:455 minFri
12159Amravati -Jabalpur Express02:3502:4510 minTue Thu Sun
11057Dadar Amritsar Express12:5513:0510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11057-SlipDadar Amritsar Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12621Tamil Nadu Express18:5018:533 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12782Nizamuddin-Mysore Swarna Jayanti Express19:0019:1010 minTue
12967Chennai-Jaipur SF Express16:0016:1010 minMon Wed
12168Varanasi Dadar SF Express00:2000:3010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12589Gorakhpur-Secunderabad Express23:0523:1510 minThu
12539Yesvantpur-Lucknow Weekly SF Express15:4015:5010 minThu
12545Karmabhumi Express18:0018:1010 minFri
11068Saket Express07:5008:0515 minMon Fri
12103Pune Lucknow Jn SuperFast Express05:0005:1010 minSat
12534Pushpak Express19:2519:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15102Mumbai CST Chhapra Jansadharan Express05:2505:3510 minSat
12627Karnataka Express21:4021:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12742Patna Vasco Express07:5008:0515 minSun
11471Indore-Jabalpur Overnight Express00:5001:2030 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12643Swarna Jayanthi Express04:5005:0010 minWed
01101Mumbai LTT - Gwalior (Weekly) Special06:1006:2010 minThu
16318Himsagar Express03:3503:4510 minTue
16318-SlipHimsagar Express SlipSourceDestinationTue
17305Hubli-H.Nizamuddin Goa Express17:4017:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12969Coimbatore-Jaipur Express16:0516:105 minSat
12720Hyderabad Ajmer Superfast Express12:1512:2510 minTue Thu
12485Nanded Sriganganagar Express12:1512:2510 minMon
12296Sangamitra Express12:3512:5520 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
17610Purna - Patna Express09:0009:1010 minSat
11464Jabalpur-Somnath Express16:0016:2020 minMon Wed Thu Fri Sat
11065Pawan Express00:1000:2515 minMon Wed Fri
12166Ratnagiri Express08:5509:0510 minWed Sat Sun
16325Ahilyanagari Express23:0523:1510 minTue
14019Chhindwara Delhi SR (Biweekly) Kanhan valley Express14:5515:1015 minTue Sat
12721Dakshin SF Express14:4514:5510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
22404New Delhi-Puducherry SF Exp12:5513:1520 minMon
12853Amarkantak Express08:2508:3510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun

Disclaimer : Please note the information about trains to & from Itarsi Jn Station might change. The train timings, day of travel and other details might change. Please verify details about trains from Itarsi Jn station master or Indian Railways Website.


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